Gelati Creation

Price: $
Location: 2228 S Shore Center, Alameda, CA 94501
Hours: Sun & Sat : 11AM – 8PM | Mon – Thurs : 12PM – 7PM | Fri : 12PM – 8PM


You can already guess by the name. Yes! You can create your own style of gelato and sorbet, too! Drizzle the chocolate, dip the chocolate or both! And the final touch! Oreo crumbs, hazelnut, macadamia nut, and more!


My brilliant creation includes the mint gelato with dark chocolate drizzle and oreo crumbs. I was trying to create a thin mint popsicle. Sadly, it didn’t taste like thin mint at all. There was too much oreo crumb, so it totally cover the mint taste. To be safe, get one of their classics.


The Ferrero Rocher is a hazelnut gelato with chocolate drizzle and dipped in hazelnut crumbs. If you like Ferrero Rocher, you’ll definitely like this. Taste very similar from taste to texture. To go along with the gelatos, they offering refreshing drinks too!


The Rose Lychee Green Tea! It’s fruity, floral, and extremely refreshing. The lychee flavour is strong, with a subtle hint of rose. There’s even lychee jello for you to chew on!

Would I visit again? Yes.

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