Price: $$
Location: 403 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Hours: Sun – Sat : 11AM – 9PM
Website: http://www.yayoi-us.com/


Yayoi provides traditional Teishoku meals. Teishoku cuisine is a Japanese style of comfort food with the perfect balanced courses. Most meals include steamed rice, miso soup, a main dish, and a vegetable side to create the ideal set.


The Katsu Toji includes steamed rice, miso soup, and tofu. The pork cutlet is simmered in steamed egg with special sauce over.


The pork cutlet is tender and juicy; however, this is not the regular crunchy katsu due to the sauce and steamed egg. Even if it’s not super crispy, I really enjoyed the soft texture because it goes really well with the umami egg. I definitely recommend eating it with the rice for the full experience.



Next, I got the Yakiniku Ju, Japanese style BBQ Beef over rice. The beef is cooked and seasoned amazingly. On top, there are sesame seeds, scallions, and mushrooms. The dish is a little sweet and slightly tangy. Would definitely suggest for meat lovers! As for fish lovers or pescatarians, the next meal is for you.


Absolutely incredible. The meal consists of BBQ eel over rice and a side of dashi broth.


The eel was fatty and soft. It completely melts in my mouth like butter! The eel sauce was indescribable. What makes the dish so much better is the dashi broth. When you eat the eel with the dashi broth is the perfect combination of the light fish broth and the rich, flavorful eel. I love the Hitsumabushi.

Would I visit again? I would love to! Especially for the Hitsumabushi.

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