Antoine’s Patisserie

Price: $$$$
Location: 1971 O’Toole Way, San Jose, CA 95131
Hours: N/A


If you live in Norcal, you must know how difficult it is to find a shop that sells Mille crepe cakes. Antoine’s Patisserie is the only shop I can find that sells them! For now, they offer four different flavors: Vanilla, Tiramisu, Matcha, and Hokkaido Milk. Each cake is handmade with delicate paper thin crepe and cream throughout every layer.


The Matcha was absolutely amazing. The flavor was rich and strong with the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. The texture of the cake was dense and firm from thousands of layers.


I’ve never tried milk from Hokkaido before, but the Hokkaido Milk Crepe Cake taste a lot like white chocolate with condensed milk. It’s much sweeter than the Matcha Crepe Cake and more subtle in flavor. With the tiny chocolate balls, they added a crunchy texture to the cake.


Tiramisu! The Tiramisu Mille Crepe Cake taste exactly as a Tiramisu Cake. Other than texture, the flavors were spot on. A subtle flavor of coffee, a light cream cheese, and cocoa powder dusting. Instead of a fluffy lady finger layer, it’s a thousand layers of crepes.


The cakes were delicate and delicious. The only bad point I can give to these cakes is the dried out rim. Since there is no cream at the very edge, the layers became extremely dry and hard. Aside from that, flavors are outstanding with a beautiful presentation.

Would I visit again? Yes!

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